Here you can read the testimonials from a couple satisfied clients:

“I have great confidence in Jay’s work and recommend him highly. He is thorough, hard working, detailed, and creative in his approach to a problem. He has exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise in taxation, auditing, and the financial aspects of the entertainment industry.”   September 21, 2011 Testimonial by Lois Fishman, Owner, Lois B. Levine, Esq. (colleague),  worked with Jay at JAY SHAPIRO, CPA

“Jay is a very capable accountant with many years of experience. I’ve only known Jay to be direct and upfront with his approach to business. We go back about 15 years.” June 30, 2008 Testimonial by Ted Lux, Senior Loan Officer, Windsor Capital Mortgage Co., (business partner), was a consultant or contractor to Jay at JAY SHAPIRO, CPA


Jay Shapiro, CPA